Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's a WHOA moment

By Amy Calhoun

I have a 5-year-old son and I recently showed him this video of Diavolo.

With every leap, he exclaimed “Whoa!” I enjoy sharing these “whoa” moments with him and this Saturday the two of us will be in attendance to see Diavolo on the MAC stage. He won’t see any nuances in the performance. He won’t notice the way the music fits with the movements. But, he will feel the thrill of watching the performers leap through the air and I will get to see that look of amazement spread across his face.

Not every 5-year-old is ready to see Diavolo or sit through what we deem an adult performance. But the western suburbs offers many areas where you can share a “whoa” moment with your child. Check out any of these places or go to your own favorite spot and create fun memories with your child this weekend.

Morton Arboretum
Brookfield Zoo
DuPage Children's Museum
Kuiper's Family Farm
Sci-Tech Museum
Your neighborhood park
Naper Settelment
St. Charles Scarecrow Festival
Your local library
Kline Creek Farm

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