Thursday, September 30, 2010

I've Got a Secret

by guest blogger Janey Sarther

The MAC is hosting Frank Warren on Tuesday, Oct. 5 for a presentation of his work “Post Secret.”

It wasn’t until the MAC booked this show that I became aware of this phenomenon of sharing secrets via postcards which started in Nov. 2004

And now I must admit – I look forward to his weekly posting of secrets. But my intrigue makes me question my impulse to want to know about such things that people have chosen to keep private. Why do we have secrets? Why do we desire to know other people’s secrets?
One could argue that secrets are detrimental to our health, and if so then why this fascination to know others’ dirt?

I don’t have any answers, other than to share that I’m grateful for Frank’s work.
I’m grateful that this artist has designed a simple technique to allow anyone to be an artist.
I’m grateful that this creative process offers a chance to cleanse your soul.
I’m grateful that this forum for sharing allows others (such as myself) to engage with these secrets and feel alive in knowing about others.

I’m hopeful that Tuesday night brings a bonding experience at the COD like none other.Tuesday evening is a chance for someone to laugh with others, a chance to cry with others, a chance to share in the realization that “you are not alone in the world – someone else feels or has experienced it too.”

For me that is what this performance and Frank’s work is all about – finding community and connection, and using the perfect tool to do so – Art.

PostSecret Video

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