Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guest Blogger - Bryan Burke

We have just completed our technical rehearsal for Buffalo Theatre Ensemble’s upcoming presentation of Love Song by John Kolvenbach (opens Feb. 12th), and the long process of pre-production (we first met to discuss the production almost three months ago, and the play itself was selected for production more than a year ago), and rehearsal (which started five weeks ago) are coming to fruition as all the aspects of the show are finally being realized. As the play’s title implies, Love Song is concerned with the experience of love, and how it affects so many aspects of our lives when it is present, and, equally importantly, when it is not. The play also delves into our perception of love, and how our imagination is affected by love and how love affects our imagination. Our scenic designer, Galen Ramsey, has created a playing space that speaks directly to this aspect of the play, and Michael Moon’s evocative lighting design (as well as his sound design) effectively compliment and augment the scenic design. Seeing it all come together during tech was thrilling, and everyone (designers, cast, and crew) were pretty “wowed” by the cumulative effect. Speaking of cast, BTE ensemble member Sandy Smillie heads up the cast, and is joined by BTE newcomers Cortney McKenna, Kelli Walker, and William Green. The rehearsal process has been particularly gratifying for me due mainly to the fact that I have been able to witness this cast develop into a true ensemble, and I have been able to be a part of their funny, touching and ultimately inspiring work. They have been laughing a lot during the process (and not just at me), and I always take that as a very good sign. I believe their camaraderie and love for the play is reflected in the work that is being done onstage, and I certainly hope you come and listen to our “song.” We will be playing through Feb 28th in Theatre 2.

Bryan Burke
BTE Ensemble Member and director of Love Song

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