Monday, February 8, 2010

Gracious Artists

I am always struck by how much artists give and how gracious they are.

We just had another amazingly diverse weekend at the MAC. One of the most prolific group of artists, Kronos Quartet, graced our stage on Friday evening. Saturday morning Justin Roberts brought his whimsical songs to thunderous applause from the sippy cup set. Paula Poundstone had all the answers for the post recession blues and sent hundreds out into the night wiping tears of laughter from their eyes.

All of these artists left it all on the stage and then when we thought they could give no more they stayed to talk and meet and greet. Kronos, David, John, Hank and Jeffrey, met with music students prior to the concert and then stayed afterwards to answer questions from the audience. One young woman had a particularly profound question about the point in a piece of music when it becomes transcendental. David Harrington made a point after the discussion to seek her out and tell her how much he appreciated her thoughtfulness.

Paula and Justin moved to the lobby after their performances visiting with fans and friends. Paula chatted with people until we looked around and she and I were the last two in the lobby. We quietly walked out together.

A performing arts center is only a building, but it becomes alive and unique when artists give of themselves night after night. My thanks to the gracious artists we present.

Keep your eyes out for guest bloggers in the future.

Be well

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