Monday, March 18, 2013

Make Art Work

More often than not I hear from people I work with and for, "what is the ROI?" For those of you who do not know the acronym for Return on Investment, count yourself lucky. I suspect there are very few of you who work in and around the arts who have not met with a board member, a patron, an investor, or an administrator who has not asked this question at one time or another.

Well the answer is in for our state: $2.75 billion and 78,000 jobs.

The Illinois Arts Alliance is asking Governor Quinn to, "show your support for the arts", by adopting the Make Art Work principles.

  • Grow Jobs in the Creative Economy
  • Leverage the Arts and Creativity to Strengthen the Workforce
  • Incorporate the Arts in Community Planning

You can too by signing a petition at the Illinois Arts Alliance web-site (link).

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