Saturday, July 31, 2010

MAC Renovation

You may hear discussions about a possible referendum for the College of DuPage - a No Tax Rate Increase Referendum. As our last referendum sunsets the community college that serves 30,000 plus students is considering asking that we carry a new referendum into the future so that the investment all of us have made in COD is maintained and moves forward to keep up with the times.

What would it mean for the MAC and its 25 year old building?

Dated teaching facilities in Photography, Motion Picture and Television would be updated.
The addition of a new ticket office to better serve patrons.
New energy efficient HVAC and roof.
New seating in the Mainstage and better ADA compliance.
Addition of dance and theatre rehearsal space to the building.
New smart teaching space in the building.
Renovation of the Studio Theatre with the addition of flexible seating.
and more opportunities...

If you have any questions - let me know.

be well

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