Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sara Hickman

I've followed Sara's career since my time in Dallas, Texas in the early nineties when she was on a meteoric rise moving from the songwriter pubs and folk festivals of Texas to a national record label and appearances with Carson on the Tonight Show. She has always been a soulful songwriter with a charmed voice.

In the mid nineties her major label record company, Elektra, couldn't recognize that she was bigger than Billboard box and let her go; however, they kept the recording session tapes she had been working on in their studios. Elektra told Sara she could buy them back for the price of a small home. Here comes the amazing part, singer-songwriters don't have enough money to put a roof over their own heads let alone buy an album back from a LA record company. Sara's fans, one dollar - ten dollars - a hundred dollars at a time, bought her album back from Elektra for $50,000 and Necessary Angels was released.

Since that time Sara has continued to grow as an artist, releasing many more albums on independent labels. She has advocated for women and children with her music and won numerous awards. But the folks in my office can't get the Daisy Sour Cream song out of their heads.

I am looking forward to having Sara visit Club MAC with her graceful songs and charm - and my daughter will be dancing at the kid's show.

be well

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